It is a known fact that Google is the No.1 search engine and almost all online businesses either have advertised or know about ads on Google. But there is another big website which is sometimes forgotten.

YouTube is the world’s No.1 video hosting platform but also the world’s No.2 search engine. People go to YouTube directly and search for video content instead of using Google. So it is time to start having a look at video marketing on YouTube and YouTube TrueView ads.

TrueView video ads are a family of ad formats on YouTube where the advertiser pays when viewers choose to watch the ad, not when an impression is served. Available across all devices, TrueView allows people to watch the ads they find interesting and skip ads they find less interesting.

TrueView Video product offers a highly targeted performance orientated advertising solution.

Three types of TrueView ads

trueview ads

  • In-stream ads

Allow viewers to skip the pre-roll ads after five seconds. Advertisers pay only for ads that are viewed in their entirety or until 30 seconds have elapsed. In-stream ads are suitable for short or long video content.

Campaign objective: good for all campaign objectives

  • In-search ads

Appear in YouTube search results when the viewer’s search is related to the ad’s keywords. Advertisers pay for ads that the viewer begins to watch.

Campaign objectives: demonstration, storytelling, generate response, customer retention.

  • In-display ads

Appear in the YouTube promoted videos overlay, in video suggestions and related videos, and in Google’s Click-to-Play format.  Advertisers are charged when viewers opt to watch an ad.

Campaign objectives: generate response, integration, changing behaviour, customer retention

Advertisers can target audiences with the following settings:

  • Keyword
  • Demographics
  • Interest
  • Topic
  • Remarketing lists

Focus on impact and messaging to engage the user

The graphs below show the main influencers in persuading users to watch TrueView Pre Roll ads all the way through.

Main influencers

The advantages of YouTube TrueView Video Ads


  •   Target exactly who you want – and who wants you: Trueview video ads let great ads stand out, helping you find exactly the audience you want, no matter the device
  •  Only pay for engaged view: you pay only when viewers choose to watch your ad – not by the page impression – and Youtube’s auction based system helps control your budget based on performance
  •  Gain essential insights: track your performance with YouTube analytics and you will know which of your ads perform best

At McKenzie Partners we are fully able to create your account on YouTube, show your amazing ads and let you engage with new customers on YouTube!

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