Why choose McKenzie Partners for your Google campaign?

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) has become one of the fastest growing segments in the online world of advertising due to its unique combination of targeting capability, real-time control and ROI tracking.

You deserve Google AdWords that convert and we are here to help you maximize your results on Google today!

So why choose McKenzie Partners for your Google campaigns?

Because …

  •  We have a dedicated search marketing Google qualified team that implements all keywords, ads and ad groups based on your objectives
  •  We are recognised as a Trusted Business Partner by Google, this means we have been accredited best practise by Google and can ensure your online presence is competitive and always at the forefront
  •  We have extensive knowledge of the industry average for Click Through Rates (CTR), CPM and CPC’s, enabling us to always beat these benchmarks
  • We have the ability to look at actual time of day and week where peak performance is reached and target the serving of your ads to these times
  • We implement & track conversions efficiently. We monitor which keywords, adgroups and campaigns are working for your campaigns and we optimize them accordingly
  • We create personalized campaigns to get you the best ROI
  • We drive traffic to higher intent keywords, adgroups and campaigns
  • We target the right split for budgets with online channels
  • We are always on top of new Google developments therefore giving us the ability to make your campaign mold to the dynamic nature of Google
  • We send you comprehensive weekly and monthly reporting
  • We are automotive marketing specialists

Searchers are buyers… Get your adwords campaign done by a Google Partner and turn clicks into conversions today, contact us now!

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