A Picture Tells 10,000 Words

A Picture Tells 10,000 Words

Consumer behaviours rely on images, including brand images, artistic images, and digital images.  In fact, a key characteristic of the 21st century economy is the image, and marketing is fundamentally about ‘image management’. Marketing communication – which includes advertising, corporate communication, websites, customer service information, product manuals and packaging – is critical for success in this competitive marketplace.

Every day we are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages and imagery. In fact, we’ve gone from being exposed to about 500 ads a day back in the 1970s to as many as 5,000 a day today(1). At no other time in history has there been such an explosion in visual imagery, yet most of us are largely unaware of the power they have in our lives, in our society, and how they provide most of the information in our world.

So how does this relate to your business?

Like it or not consumers will initially judge your business on the look and feel of your communications and advertising. If it is poorly designed, inconsistent, with no purpose, it will take all of half a second for that potential customer to never look at your business again!

At McKenzie Partners we have a specialised team of designers that can help you achieve the professional look that you need. Call us today and we’ll help you to get the results your business deserves.

(1) Jay Walker-Smith, Yankelovich Consumer Research.


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Google car searches: Mobile vs Desktop

Google car searches: Mobile vs Desktop

If your websites aren’t responsive for mobile devices, or if you don’t have a dedicated mobile website, you missing a lot of business. As of the end of the quarter ending June 2014, 45{0761244febcdd37d698f04963e4d646802a3d2a210a8484132fbe287d6ebef4f} of automotive searches conducted on Google came via a mobile device.  That’s up from 39{0761244febcdd37d698f04963e4d646802a3d2a210a8484132fbe287d6ebef4f} a year earlier and on track to surpass desktop volume before June 2015.

Car Dealers Category

Source: Google internal search data

It’s a massive market. No longer will we say this is going to mobile’s year. That time came and went.

Car Dealers: Cross Platform Search Trends

Dealer Trends

Source: Google internal search data

So what’s the answer? Do you build a dedicated mobile and desktop site or one “responsive site”. (A Responsive site resizes content to fit to any device, be it tablet, desktop or mobile).

At McKenzie Partners we have the view that responsive design represents the future. If your website is not responsive you need to start thinking about planning and budgeting for it now. A micro solution would be building a dedicated mobile site as a bridging strategy.

People that use Google Search are consumers looking for your product. If your content can’t be read or easily navigated, not only can a sale be lost, but it may also be detriment to your brand.

The worst thing we can do is put our heads in the sand and pretend it’s not happening!

This is the year when more people search for your business from mobile than a desktop!



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The MTD rises above the information noise

The MTD Rises Above the Information Noise

Last week saw our agency launch it’s digital marketing Trading Desk or the McKenzie Trading Desk (MTD) as we’ve been referring to it.

It’s an important step for us as we continue to champion our client’s marketing challengers in the constantly changing media landscape.

One of the macro challengers facing the advertising industry today is the amount of information clutter in everyone’s lives. We used to worry about competitive advertising clutter, but today the real competition is bigger than that. It’s ALL the information noise in our lives we need to rise above! To cope, people are getting better at filtering out the messages that aren’t relevant to them. The net result unfortunately is more wasteful and less effective advertising.

All media including digital is grappling with these challengers.

The MTD can’t get ride of the information noise but it can avoid advertising to the people you don’t want to talk to. Instead really focusing on the potential customers your business is seeking. We can identify your future customers online and in real time buy advertising only displayed to them. Then we optimism everything we do against your marketing and business goals to deliver you sales.

The MTD elevates your online adverting above the noise. It tracks down your future customers and engages only them. This new approach means we are buying your media space better, smarter and more efficiently.

Some of the features
1) Access to over 80 billion daily ad impressions

  • Full access to the Facebook (FBX)
  • Full access to Google’s Double Click AdExchange
  • Access to every major AdExchange in the World.

2) Seamless data driven targeting integrated into the media buying process

  • Purchase Intent
  • Demographic
  • Geographic
  • Psychographic

3) McKenzie Partners are experts at building and delivering all creative formats through the MTD

  • Video Ads
  • Rich Media
  • Standard Banners

4) Every possible variable is optimized in real-time to achieve your campaign objectives

  • Impression source
  • Data inputs
  • Creative executions

For more information on how to get stated contact



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