This year the Television Academy and Google partnered for a superior Emmy nominating and viewing experience. With this partnership there was also a chance to win a trip to LA and go to the Emmy awards for Google Partners. Three of our team won this experience… Let’s hear a little more about their trip.

How did you win the trip to LA?  ALHANA By being awesome!

I hear there was a luggage issue when you arrived?  MAIKA Our flight was late, we ran to our connecting flight, heads down, we walked to our seats as on looking passengers glared at us. The airline lost our luggage so we walked in our winter clothing, in the heat, to the not so, nearby shops. Luckily we received our luggage back at the crack of dawn, ready for the next day of event.

What is your biggest highlight from the trip? KIRSTY Everything! From the hotel room to the helicopter ride over LA to the Dodgers game

Tell me about the Emmy Awards? KIRSTY: Overrated

Did you walk down the red carpet? MAIKA: We walked down a red carpet, just not “THE” red carpet.

Tell us who did the most outrageous act and what was it? ALHANA I rode a mechanical bull one night, Kirsty went swimming at the Roosevelt Hotel with her clothes on and Maika did some funny drunk calls to Darren.

If Mckenzie Partners could do one thing more like Google what would it be? ALHANA To let their staff bring their dogs to work.

What tourist attraction would you recommend and why? MAIKA The Dodger’s baseball game was my favourite part of the trip. If you are a tourist, be a tourist and enjoy everything cliché about the experience, like the hot dogs, cheesy fries and the countless Mexican waves. Plus, we loved our walk “up” the Runyon Canyon, the Hollywood view was well worth it.

If you could do the trip again what would you do differently? KIRSTY Not A thing

What is your one travel essential you never leave at home? MAIKA  My eyebrow pencil. Everyone needs eyebrows.