Search Engine Marketing or Paid search marketing is advertising within the sponsored listings of a search engine results page. Be present when a prospective customer asks a question about YOUR business or products and only pay when your ad is clicked. 

As a Google Premier Partner and a Channel Sales Partner, we’re uniquely positioned to get you several market-first advantages in this space.


Programmatic display advertising is the algorithmic bidding and purchase of advertising space on websites/apps in real time. With our own Unique Trading Desk, we’re fully capable of outperforming your competitors.


Mckenzie Partners were crowned 2018 YouTube Gurus by Google and were a finalist in the Google YouTube awards 2018. 

YouTube marketing has come a long way in recent years becoming a fundamental channel across the entire purchase funnel. Using relevant call to action and new data targeting, we are able to get your videos in front of your audience.


Don’t let your potential customer leave your site without converting. More than 96% of web visitors leave without taking action. We make sure that these people are re-engaged through remarketing techniques via display, search, video and social media. Data is king!

Connected TV

Connected TV is the latest TV related buzz word in the advertising industry. It is simply TV connected to the internet. A bit like WhatsApp in the messaging space. CTV will be a big player in the future of video advertising.

Web Development

Your website is the first thing a potential customer sees.
So building complex, responsive websites, is a big part of our business. WordPress  is our platform of choice and we are always ready for any kind of project in the development space.

Large or small we have the solution to your problem.
We’re here to make sure that first impression counts.

Email Marketing

Connect with your 1st Party data and retain their loyalty. With the right data, you can understand the context of how, where and when your customers will open your message, so you can make it truly relevant. With our tools, we can also make it beautiful and engaging, so it’s not only useful, but looks good from one screen to another. 

Social Media

Social Media is an essential piece of your marketing strategy. Social Media platforms help you connect with your customers, increase awareness about your brand, boost your sales and increase leads. We can offer you Social Media strategy, content creation, platform and campaign management on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest.


The Google Display Network allows you to connect with customers through a variety of ad formats across the digital space. 

Target specific websites or target the individual based on their behaviour, interests and web history. 

The objective is to engage a potential customer and lead them to acquire more information from your website. This network spans over two million websites that reach over 90% of people on the internet.