From technology trends to changing business models to evolving consumer behaviours, there’s a lot to consider on what will be next.

So read on to find out what are the major digital trends and predictions for 2015!

1-    Mobile, mobile and mobile only

2015 seems like “The Year of Mobile”! And as a fact, every website must be mobile-friendly because everything’s shifting mobile. According to Ovum, market leading analyst house focussed on converging IT, telecoms and media markets, one billion people will use mobile as their only form of Internet access in 2015, so everything has to be adaptable on a tiny screen. It is not about just importing your website to mobile as you will lose customers if your fonts are too tiny or it is hard to navigate. The main goal is to build an appropriate mobile-friendly website for your business.

3-    Programmatic

Programmatic media buying will be likely used by all marketers and will continue to evolve from just display to additional channels including native, video, and mobile. In 2015, there will be a push to connect the user pathway across device, to map the touch-points between desktop and mobile, to ensure we’re engaging the right user, at the right time, on the right device.

2-    Wearables and IoT


2015 is shaping to be a transformative year in tech too. The Apple Watch is likely becoming a must have with a touchscreen, tracks biometric data, takes voice commands, and displays notifications. Other wearable tech, such as Google Glasses have already made their debut and caused a keen interest from the public to ask for more gadgets like this.  Consumers are likely ready to incorporate technology into their everyday lives with wearables.

It is also the case with Internet of Things.  From smart thermostats to smart cars, IoT will be changing our personal and business lives by managing our own ecosystems via connected devices and smart phones.

4-    Big data

In 2015, we will be in a place where advanced analytics and big data can be used to drive sales growth. We will have the analytics available to understand campaign performance and how it may have contributed to sales growth. It isn’t enough to have a beautiful campaign anymore, it needs to perform well. Data will be used as much in strategy as in reports.

5-    Mobile payments

Despite smartphone penetration growing incredibly, very few of us are using our mobiles to buy groceries, books or other physical goods in stores. But that number is expected to grow fast in 2015 as NFC payments become more widely available in retailers and on phones. We also see Apple Pay and probably another two market specific wallets growing rapidly solving the in-store payment problem.

 At McKenzie Partners we are able to help you on any of these new trends for 2015 from providing you a mobile friendly website to managing your campaigns through our McKenzie Partners Trading Desk, a way we help you find richer leads by targeted data.

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