Client – Financio


Increase free trial registration and lower cost of acquistions
Increase website traffic
Improve efficiency by reducing wasted clicks and driving more qualified traffic
Expanded reach of the campaign through display, Youtube and Facebook advertising
Generate a steady stream of qualifies leads.

The Approach

Created tightly themed Adwords campaign
Consisted Adwords optimisation
Conversion analysis
Management of display media, video campaign and Facebook advertising to supplement Adwords search traffic


A cost-effective lead generation that has gone from 0 to 100+ leads within 2 months
Good quality new traffic coming from paid search
Successful expansion in search, display, youtube and Facebook resulting in 70{0761244febcdd37d698f04963e4d646802a3d2a210a8484132fbe287d6ebef4f} increase in website traffic.


ABSS – a software development company, recently launched its new accounting management software – Financio in Malaysia. Financio is an accounting automation tool targeted for non-accountant small business owners to help them manage their accounting and tax (GST) related tasks efficiently. ABSS needed an efficient and cost effective marketing channel to introduce their new product to South East Asia market. They decided to use targeted ads in Google, Youtube, Facebook and engaged McKenzie Partners to manage their digital campaign.

Adwords Search (PPC)

A Google ppc campaign was implemented to drive further traffic through paid search. This initiative included campaign across all areas of the Financio website, optimised toward driving high quality users to the site which was determined by how long each user stay on site and by low percentage of bounce rate. The average new users from this campaign spent 11 minutes browsing content on the site which is almost on par with organic traffic visitors.

Youtube Trueview Ads

The trueview ad format lets people watch the ads they find interesting and skip those they don’t. Youtube can help increase awareness, strengthen the focus on new product and encourage target audience to try it.
Within 2 months, the trueview campaigns accounted for 51,000 video views with average wacth time per impression 24.2 seconds.


McKenzie Partners deployed an Adwords search, display banners, Youtube and Facebook campaign simultaneously. A series of highly targeted Adwords and Facebook campaigns led to an astounding 70{0761244febcdd37d698f04963e4d646802a3d2a210a8484132fbe287d6ebef4f} rise in number of new website visits and contributed 44{0761244febcdd37d698f04963e4d646802a3d2a210a8484132fbe287d6ebef4f} of the total sign up conversions within 2 months.


Rise in number of new website visits


Contribution of the total sign ups within 2 months.