Dynamic Inventory Remarketing – Suttons Motor Group


· Scaling ads to cover the entire inventory.

· Improve efficiency by reducing wasted clicks and driving more qualified traffic.

· Streamline account management by eliminating manual processes.

The Approach

· Created inventory feed in Adwords.

· Setup rules in Adwords Business Data Feed to update Inventory Feed in real time.

· Automatically generated display ads.


· Click volume up by 40{0761244febcdd37d698f04963e4d646802a3d2a210a8484132fbe287d6ebef4f}, Lead volume up by 245{0761244febcdd37d698f04963e4d646802a3d2a210a8484132fbe287d6ebef4f} and cost per lead down by 79{0761244febcdd37d698f04963e4d646802a3d2a210a8484132fbe287d6ebef4f}.

· Cost per click decreased by 50{0761244febcdd37d698f04963e4d646802a3d2a210a8484132fbe287d6ebef4f}, with no adverse effect on average position.

· Less time spent on managing keywords and manual stock checking leaves more time for optimization and strategy.

Suttons Motor Group is one of McKenzie Partners’ largest automobile client, with 24 locations & 38 dealerships in Sydney. Started with search advertising across all their dealerships, we expanded the marketing to GDN to grow brand awareness and promote specific offers followed by generic retargeting campaign. Initially, we created search campaign with ad groups for specific makes and models which would be manually paused or activated depending on whether those cars available. However, with a large selection of different makes and models going in and out every day, manual approach to keeping search ads up to date become not feasible, also led to wasted clicks from disappointed audiences who were looking for products not in stock and missed opportunity by not serving ads to customers looking for specific product.

To overcome this search marketing challenges, McKenzie Partners turned to Dynamic Inventory Retargeting. Instead of using generic “one size fits all” retargeting ads, dynamic retargeting allows us to track down what a user viewed on the site and serves them custom ads based on their behaviour.

First, the team set up an inventory feed which fed live stock data straight into Adwords. From here, we choose the audience lists and created self-updating dynamic inventory remarketing campaign using rules and templates that monitor the feed and update campaign in real time as the inventory changes.

This strategy enables stock and exposure to be kept in perfect alignment. Compared to manual approach, the automated feed has paid off. In a year time, we seen a 50{0761244febcdd37d698f04963e4d646802a3d2a210a8484132fbe287d6ebef4f} decrease in average cost per click, meanwhile clicks volume up by 40{0761244febcdd37d698f04963e4d646802a3d2a210a8484132fbe287d6ebef4f}, significant increase in number of leads while cost per lead down by 79{0761244febcdd37d698f04963e4d646802a3d2a210a8484132fbe287d6ebef4f}.


Click Volume up


cost per lead down by


Cost per click decreased by